Energy and Costs Savings Calculator: ecoLED F-series

How many fluorescent tubes do you have? 1200mm T8 Tube Lights:
1500mm T8 Tube Lights:
How many hours a day do you use your lights? hours a day, days a week
Electricity cost: $ kWh
Annual power cost rise:
1200mm T8 Tube Lights 1500mm T8 Tube Lights

ecoLED Fluorescent Savings ecoLED Fluorescent Savings
Power 21 Watts 36 Watts 24 Watts 58 Watts
Ballast Power no ballast required 9 Watts 24 Watts no ballast required 9 Watts 43 Watts
Power used for 1 year in kWh
Power cost for 1 year, based on $ kWh
Grand Total Cumulative savings in Power (1200mm + 1500mm) by end of 10 year period
Average Cost savings per year (Grand Total Cumulative Savings / 10 Years)
Estimated period for Return on Investment



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