Increase your bottom-line profit & reduce your CO2 output

Ecopoint´s range of super-efficient ecoLED lights will reduce the amount of power you use for lighting by up to 70%. And their 60,000 hour life expectancy will eliminate maintenance and replacement costs associated with standard fluorescent tubes for years to come.

Once installed, these savings will instantly increase your bottom-line profit and significantly reduce the CO2 output your organization is responsible for. You will also be replacing your old fluorescent technology with a mercury free, UV free and flicker free lighting solution that creates a healthier work environment for your employees.

  • Ecopoint
    Ecopoint is committed to providing commercially practical environmental solutions through the development, supply and service of superior quality LED lighting.

    Product quality, innovative features and enduring relationships with our customers make Ecopoint the LED supply partner of choice for organisations such as:

    • Pepsi
    • Coca Cola
    • Cowley Refridgeration
    • Oxford refridgeration
    • Skope Refridgeration
    • Schweppes Australia
    • New World
    • The New Zealand Fire Service
    • Design Line
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    We feel a great responsibility to be clean, green and make a positive difference to the planet and its future. But finding an environmental solution that also makes economic sense has been elusive...until now. ecoLED´s materially reduce your carbon footprint while carving substantial amounts of money off your present lighting expense.

  • Commerical use
    ecoLED lighting is designed and developed as an easy retrofit solution for a wide range of commercial uses. All products simply install into existing fittings and openings. ecoLED tubes, panels, down-lights, street lights and hi-bays are presently saving  organizations hundreds of thousands on energy expenses in refrigeration, retail, car parking buildings, offices, commercial and industrial spaces.


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